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60 bodies found in four trucks outside Brooklyn funeral home

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A funeral home in Brooklyn, New York has ran out of space to store bodies due to the high deaths of Coronavirusin the city.

It was discovered that four trucks were filled with over 60 bodies , due to lack of space to store the bodies which were awaiting cremation.

Police were called by members of the community on Wednesday due to foul smell and drippings coming out from the parked trucks.

While investigating the trucks it was discovered that only one of the trucks had a refrigerator, the others were placed on ice.

New York has freezer trucks that funeral homes can use if they are overwhelmed and the city sent only one .

The city has been the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic since the virus hit the United States.

There has been over 61,000 deaths in the USA from corona virus and more than 1.6m infected.

The city authorities have been called in for more refrigerated trucks to help the situation.

When the owners of the funeral home were contacted , they stated they have done all their best to cope with the influx of dead bodies coming for cremation.

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