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“Why will I talk over nonsense, the government that will choose the BoT in this ministry, they, that govt have not been born, this ministry, come nah, come and do it, no, come and change it, come and change it nah.

“You say it’s CAMA law, CAMA B, is CAMA, what kind of stupid, have you finish managing ministry of agric, have you finish managing ministry of works, in this country of works isn’t working but you say it’s church, come and try it, they are something that don’t make sense now.

“Listen, if you want, let me tell you something, let not rule out the fact that some pastors, most pastors just started church because of money.
So, what you should talk about is transparency, if you even say, churches should submit their financial reports, I will be the first, you know I will submit, do you know I will submit.

“I will be so happy, so that by the time you discover that what they are making a month is 5million but what the man is spending on people is 60million, won’t you balance me, you will balance me nah, I will be the happiest person, by the time you, in fact they will call me and say; come, why are you spending your money, I will say; nah so we see am oo, oya support me, shey you want to know finance, come and know nah but sey you sit down somewhere, it’s not even an educated bill, CAMA bill is an illiterate bill, you don’t appoint a BoT who hasn’t been around at all and has no stake in the company.

“You can suspend, appoint, you die, come and try it, there something you don’t bother to discuss, CAMA bill is an illiterate bill.

“If you want financial transparency, then get auditors, get auditors to audit them, let them open your book, I don’t have problem with that but to sey, somebody will sit down, you carry one Northern Muslim and appoint him to become a BoT, you are mad”

~ Apostle Johnson Suleiman



Me: this man is just deliberately misinforming his members on the CAMA law and inciting one religion against the other, irrespective of the blackmail, CAMA law has come to stay, whoever isn’t comfortable, should go and create his/her own country.

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