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All accross America, many groups are taking to the streets in protest against state lockdowns aimed at limiting the spread covid-19.

On Thursday hundreds of angry protesters , some carrying firearms and shut guns gathered in Michigan to protest against the governor , Gretchen Whitemer’s request to extend the state of emergency to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The protests was going on while the state legislation debated the extension of the lockdown and refused the governors request and voting to challenge the lockdown by the governor in court.

Many gun welding protesters were trying to get into the legislative session in the capital building shouting “let us in ” as the security officials pushed them back. Many of the protesters were not wearing protective masks and were not observing social distancing.

Demonstration are allowed in the state Senate and guns have been legally allowed in Michigan State for some time .

The spread of covid-19 in the USA has risen to over a million and deaths have been the highest in the world at over 60,000.

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