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There is a pipeline leakage happening in Oju Emi, Aboru, Agbado Oke-Odo , Ogun State. In a video from Agegepulsetv a man is seen speaking in Yoruba, asking the authorities to come to their rescue in the area before an explosion occurs. He said the leakage was most likely caused by activities of pipeline vandals. This is a frequent occurrence in rural areas where NNPC [Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation] pipelines  pass through and in most  cases it has turned into big explosions that kill many living within the unapproved distance from the pipelines. As at the time of writing this post , the authorities have not responded despite the fact that the leakage has gone on for over five hours. VIDEO BELOW;

Dr. Wahab Adegbenro, the Ondo state commissioner for health has died of covid-19. His death was confirmed by the chief press secretary to the state governor , Segun Ajiboye. He was said to have died at the Ondo state infectious disease hospital in Akure on Thursday. The news of his death is coming after the state governor Arakunrin Akeredolu confirmed he tested positive for Coronavirus few days ago. READ ALSO; More details soon.

They say Tinubu is a greedy and over-ambitious man, his first party ticket he gave it to Atiku, the second one he gave it to Ribadu, third one he gave it to Buhari. Both Atiku and Ribadu were to later move to PDP while Tinubu remained in opposition. Who then is over-ambitious? He strategized and survived in opposition for more than sixteen years while others were jumping shamelessly from one party to the other. He gave Mr President the pedestal to attain his ambition, but is now labeled as the number one enemy of PMB by the wailers; the same people who felt Buhari could never be President. They all rushed to pay OBJ allegiance forgetting he brought GEJ to power and brought him down. But Tinubu brought Fashola and many others to power and never brought any of them down, despite their perceived differences. Lest I forget, we should…

BREAKDOWN OF WHAT A NIGERIAN SENATOR EARNS: 1. RUNNING COST Newspaper allowance…….N1.24m Wardrobe allowance…..N0.62m Recess allowance …….N0.25m Accommodation……..N4.97m Utilities ………..N0.83m Domestic staff……N1.86m Entertainment…….N0.83m Personal Assistant…………N0.62m Vehicle Mtce Allowance…N1.86m Leave Allowance……………N0.25m TOTAL RUNNING COST ………..N13.58m/month. This adds up to N162.96m annually 2. CONSOLIDATED SALARY He goes home with N750,000 monthly. This sums up to N9m annually. 3. He is entitled to N200m annually to execute projects which is the duty of the Executive. SUMMARY Annual Salary…N9,000,000 per annum Running Allowee…N163,000,000 per annum Constituency….N200,000,000 per annum TOTAL N372,000,000.00 per annum. This amount is over N1,000,000 every blessed day including Sundays when he is in church/ Mosque. HE ALSO GETS THIS Severance Gratuity………… N7.43m Furniture allowance ……….N7.45m Motor Vehicle Allowance…N9.94m TOTAL N24m plus In Super rich US, a SenaORtor earns $14,500 monthly. BY  Mustafa A. Thompson PATRIOTS FORUM

PRESS RELEASE BY THE HONOURABLE MINISTER OF STATE, LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT, MR. FESTUS KEYAMO, SAN, FCIArb (UK) PURPORTED SUSPENSION OF SELECTION PROCESS OF 774,000 JOBS BY NATIONAL ASSEMBLY COMMITTEES: ALL STATES’ SELECTION COMMITTEES SHOULD PROCEEED WITH THEIR WORK UNHINDERED. Today, in obedience to their invitation, I appeared before the Joint Committees on Labour of both the Senate and the House. The Distinguished Senators and Honourable Members sought to be briefed on the implementation of the Special Public Works Programme so far. However, there was a misunderstanding between us when they questioned why I did not privately submit the program to them for vetting before taking certain steps. They suggested that they ought to have an input on how the programme should be implemented. In other words, they sought to control the programme as to who gets what, where and how. However, I insisted that I could not surrender the programme…

“Although I should not be the one speaking but I just want to clear the air on a lot of misgivings that has been spreading. “On behalf of my late husband, children and the entire Ajimobi’s family, I want to sincerely thank you for all your support at this very crucial point of our lives. “My husband is not a very difficult man but thank God we are here today. For me, when things like this happen, I want to pick up something. It is a time for everyone of us to reflect on our lives because death is a necessary end. It will come when it will come. We don’t know who is next and we don’t know when our time will come. “Either you are a Christian or a Muslim, both religions teach love and peace and I am glad that the deputy Governor of Oyo State is…

A suspected rapist , Chinedu Obi , 26, has been arrested  by the Lagos State Police Command. Statement from the police spokesman , Bala Elkana , confirmed the the case and stated that Obi was alleged to have raped his employer’s twin daughters. The case was reported by Obi’s employer, a lady in her mid-thirties (name withheld) ,who claimed obi raped her twin daughters , aged 12 ,while she left them at home with him and went out. She said obi was her salesman at her shop and she asked him to look after her daughter’s for a while because she had other engagements at that time. “The suspect was arrested and he confessed to the commission of the crime”, the Police said. Elkana quoted Obi as disclosing that he started having sexual intercourse with the girls in 2019. Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, has ordered the transfer of the…

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