Ayekooto Akindele’s opinion on Edo governorship election

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A Man made you his Head of Economic Team for 8years. Nothing was done unless your team agreed. He, against all odds, supported you to be his successor because he, erroneously, thought you were in the best position to carry on with his programme for continuity and prosperity for the state. He fought friends, allies to get You the Ticket. And while you lost your own areas, Oshiomole won his own areas for YOU…… He fought from beginning to end of your campaign, dancing and campaigning like you’re his biological son!!!! You won narrowly, meaning you are difficult to sell!

And then you turned against him, lavishing state resources to bring him down, conspiring with his enemies within and outside the state, funding them with sole aim to BRING OSHIOMOLE DOWN. You even set up a silly vindictive inquiry with the aim of sending Oshiomole to jail and possibly let him die there… Same thing Wike did for Amaechi and Fayose did for Fayemi! You were dancing on Benin Streets assuring your appointees that Oshiomhole is dead politically…..

Alas! Are you human being at all? If you are, why were you made without a heart? Why are you this mean, wicked and poisionous? What type of family do you come from? How did you get this close to a good man like Adams? This is Unimaginable wickedness and heartlessness.

For your Deputy, I laugh at that one. A man raised by Oshiomole, nurtured and mentored by Oshiomole. Oshiomole made him student leader, made him Labour man, made him his aide, sent him to NASS, recalled him to become Deputy Governor….. Ha! Pathetic.

Eyi nuu, Olo’un nuu

Ayekooto Akindele

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