Behold the Bush baby you kept hearing about from your primary and secondary school days

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I went out with my friends to grab a few bottles of drink as customary on Sunday and a man began narrating a very interesting story about the beast. He said that the beast was killed in the neighborhood. As a lover of animals I decided to go see stuff myself. On arrival, I only saw the pictures of the dead beast.

Well, the summary of the narrative about this beast was that it was staying with the household but while their possessed the house it possessed the the ceiling. The baby of the house that was critically ill was always seeing the beast but thought it was her teddy and she called it tata. The whole thing kept confusing her parents until they realized that she wasn’t referring to the teddy beside her but about something alive she’s seeing elsewhere through their open ceiling that looked like her tata. The father hunted the beast which was already creating a worrisome relationship with his child. And that’s the end of my story.

Don’t ask me any question for I was not eye witness. I only grabbed the gist and collected pictures. This happened at Ukpa.

Thanks for reading.

Oko-Ehi Ogbonnia Jude Anthony


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