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To my Yoruba people. I have warned several times that if care is not taken, your hospitable nature and “Mr nice guy attitude” might one day turn you to slaves and beggars in your own land. If care is not taken we might be landless people in the future.

I’m saying this because of a few things that has been going on quietly and many of us are not seeing it as a problem. When it’s too late you will remember I warmed you.

A “not so well” packaged news has been spreading that Tinubus daughter,Chief Folasade Tinubu-Ojo, the Iyalaja of Lagos  has forcefully shut down computer village because Igbos who own shops there refused to remit N5m a day to her as royalty. Many of you have either not noticed it because it’s not trending yet. But some ignorant Yorubas have been commenting and supporting the unverified news.

I am not a tribalist. I hate tribalsm but many times some Igbos have played on the Yoruba’s hospitality to make fools out of us. They blackmail and call us tribal bigots when we reject their overbearing and selfish attitudes.

Now, the story says Tinubus daughter is closing their business because of extortion. And our people are watching and some are supporting the destruction of our own all in the name of being hospitable and not  being  untribalistic.

You can not speak against the  state government of the day in most parts of the east openly and not get lynched or arrested, talk less of a none igbo. Not even to talk of blackmailing the children of their leaders on social media fake news outlets.

We should be weary of this overbearing attitude of some Igbos over our people. Because they do not accept such in their region. What you can not accept you should not offer others.If there is an issue between market leaders and shop owners in computer village, the leaders should have a meeting and resolve it. playing the tribal card and using social media to blackmail Tinubu is unacceptable.

Just last week a protest happened in Ondo state over the appointment of an Igbo lady as special adviser to the governor a few weeks to the governorship election in the state. Many posts about the protest on social media are calling out Yorubas as  bigots.

Appointing other tribes in the south west is the norm with Yoruba people. It has always been so since independence. From commissioners to special assistants to civil service appointments you have igbos, hausas and other tribes working in south west states.

Even a few Yorubas who have no foresight  or see the bigger picture are calling their own people protesting the appointment bigots,to please some of their Igbo friends.They say we should show good examples and be nationalistic in our ways. i get that, but Let me ask this simple question, do Yorubas dominate any market in the east?, or are they allowed to operate businesses freely in any part of the east like we do in Yoruba land?.

Since  Yorubas have been employing Igbos in all aspects of south west state governance including letting them contest and win elections at even ward and local government level, when will this good gesture  ever be returned by the Igbos in the south east?.

When will some Igbos stop using the hospitality and good gesture the Yoruba’s extend to them in the south west region to blackmail and insult the Yoruba people in their region?.

Yoruba ronu o !!!

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