Charles Kaye Okoye’s opinion on granting amnesty to bandits

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We give amnesty to insurgents after they had killed, raped and ravaged communities.
In the wake of the killing of 51 people by bandits in Kaduna recently, Gov. El-Rufai insisted that Kaduna State would never negotiate with bandits; his government could  only haunt them to crush them. For me, that’s the way to go!
Amaechi, while in power in Rivers State, also refused to negotiate with militants and cultists. He fought them frontally. For me, that’s the way to go again!
The sad truth is that this amnesty has never helped. These guys only submit a fraction of their arms, get funds and other support from the government, and come back more equipped and more brutal. At best, all amnesty offers is fleeting reprieve; it never lasts!
What is more? Others come to know that criminality pays, and the circle goes on and on.
Can our governments at all levels just insist like El-Rufai “NO NEGOTIATION WITH MURDERS”!

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