Corona pandemic in the era of information by lanre Rasheed

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I discovered the world didn’t need churches and mosques since 1993 and I have never regretted it. Once you are able to get over the fear factor by using common sense , you realize that religion is just fraud. It’s not easy telling someone who has been lied to all their life to accept truth in one day, But most of us are afraid to think outside the box. We are afraid of what might happen to us if we stop accepting the lies. I never believed I’ll be around to see this time where religion accepts that the situation is beyond it and surrenders. Yes. Reljgion has surrendered. It can’t fight coroner virus. It can’t use blood of Jesus to kill Corona virus.
There is a viral video I saw of people running out of a mosque in Dubai. They ran with fear in their feet and eyes, they saw Corona virus and left their prayers. As a kid, I was told that we most never leave praying once we start, No matter what. I always thought that was stupid. What if a snake turned up while I was praying, am i surpposed to be a fool and keep praying till it bites me?. Common sense is common sense and religion to me is the act of not using common sense. I know many can never leave this mental slavery. It’s what those who gave it to us wanted. To forever have us be fools so they can always take advantage of us. we are now we are looking up to the whiteman for a cure for corona virus. Why can’t we look inwards?
A few weeks ago, Maurice iwu and some of his friends claimed they had a cure for Corona virus. I’m not sure about that, the name Iwu is associated with fraud and lies. It’s his reputation, so don’t be too sure about that. He has a N2bn fraud case in court as I’m writing this , But even if he did have a cure,. We would still need the confirmation of the Americans, or the British and Europeans. All they will do is steal the idea and sell it back to us.
They didn’t give us religion for the sake of love,. It took decades of research and experiments to come up with religion. It’s a weapon that was used in the ancient days and it works till this day.
Many will see beyond their noses after the wave of deaths coming from corona virus. Some will die praying in churches even when they know they should submit themselves to the NCDC. Ignorance is when you believe an imaginary holy ghost will cure you from an ailment that needs medical attention. But some will be wise and be free from mental slavery.
We are in the age of information, we are in the age of enlightenment. The Corona pandemic is here to reset the world and how we operate. It has come to teach us that we need to improve our health sector and not our pockets. It has come to teach us that we need more hospitals and doctors not churches and mosques. Stay safe and stay at home. Bros Coro no dey look face.

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