Coronavirus: 3rd Nigerian stayed in Ogba after summit with Idris Elba, Canadian PM’s wife

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The 30-year-old Nigerian who was declared to have contracted coronavirus stayed in Ogba area of Lagos State after her return from the United Kingdom, where she attended a Commonwealth summit, The PUNCH is reporting.
At the summit in the United Kingdom on March 4, 2020 were prominent Hollywood actor, Idris Elba, and Sophie, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.
Both Elba and Sophie have been confirmed to have contracted the disease.
A friend of the latest Nigerian coronavirus case, who identified himself only as Ayobami, told The PUNCH that the victim spent a few days at the conference.
Ayobami said: “She went for a programme in the UK.
“It was a commonwealth event.
“It lasted for two to three days.
“That was the same place that the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife got it.”
According to available information, the Nigerian was picked up from the airport upon her arrival on March 13, 2020 via a British Airways flight by her parents to their home in Ogba area of Lagos State.
Ayobami told The PUNCH that the case, who had started showing signs of the disease, isolated herself and was not in contact with anyone.
He stated: “She did not get in contact with any other person apart from her parents.
“Her parents took her at the airport and she was driven to their home at Ogba.
“She then went to isolate herself.
“She did not feel anything serious until on Sunday.
“From the time she landed at the airport, we had been communicating and I told her to go for a test immediately.”
Ayobami had, in a series of tweets on Friday, said when the friend arrived, raised the alarm on her condition, lamenting her inability to get tested on time despite calls and messages to officials of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.
He also decried the shortage of test kits, saying the country was not prepared for the infection.
On Sunday, he said she was eventually tested and the result returned positive.
She was then taken to the Infectious Disease Hospital in Yaba area of the state.
Abayomi added: “When they got to the IDH, Yaba, they left her in an ambulance for about two hours to prepare a place for her. The centre was not ready. I was on a video call with her.
“After my complaints on Twitter, they gave her toiletries, but asked her to stop talking to me so that they can manage it.”


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