Covid 19 Challenge in Nigeria- Joseph Odok PhD Esq

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Since I reside in Abuja I am limited to my locality. Reports have it that some of those that were tested positive in Abuja have ran away and cannot be traced. Some of the okada men ran from Kano and other risk States now engaged in okada in Abuja

The irresponsible  few and compromise of our security men may endanger Nigeria and prolong the pandemic. Though there is interstate lockdown, people still pay security men to cross borders.

Of the confirmed cases in Kaduna State for instance, over 90% are alleged to be Alamajeris that came from risk states especially Kano. Residents from Lagos, Abuja, Kano have free access to travel after bribing security men

Hunger and our fragile economy is already forcing the Government to ease the lockdown. I chose not to be a prophet of doom but it still looks gloomy ahead because the figures gets increasing and deaths by the day. There is cause for fear and going back to the drawing board

It is always easy to blame Government even when we are the major problem. Yesterday I  sampled opinions on how best the Government should share palliatives and discovered that there is mistrust of the FG, State, and Local Governments. Same distrust is extended to traditional and religious institutions.

Corruption has infiltrated everywhere so much so that the fight against Covid-19 is almost frustrated. Everyone is perceived as corrupt yet only in sincerity can we win the war against Covid-19

Joseph Odok PhD Esq
Social Change Agent

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