COVID-19 IN NIGERIA-by Alphonsus Oshiole

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The numbers are increasing, with rapid and appropriate testing, the numbers will increase exponentially. FRET NOT.

Those crying, begging for the lockdown to be relaxed because they are tired of staying indoors and of hunger.

You all can go out and hustle come 4th May, 2020 but remember all men must be responsible for his health and his immediate environment. Everyone is now a suspect.

I have heard some of those shouting hysterically of hunger and now asking, “Why would FG relax the lockdown, when the numbers are increasing?”.

Like I have said in one of my post, “THE PRESIDENT’S SPEECH IS PREGNANT” and I stand by it. The ball is now in the court of the GOVERNORS

We can only beat the virus if only everyone can TAKE RESPONSIBILITY by following the laid down guidelines as stipulated by NCDC.

On religious ground, we can pray while observing the guidelines.


© Alphonsus Oshiole

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