COVID-19:FG N100bn intervention fund for private school teachers:Is it meant for all staff of each private school or selective?

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As many of u who know me know that I work in a private school as a teacher .The owners are pure capitalists who have little or no feelings for the agony of staff.Well, that’s of course the nature of many of them.
Precisely March 20th,the FG ordered all schools across the nation to shutdown .They managed to pay March Salary four times; complained that a lot of parents were still owing.What about April? They won’t give simply because we didn’t do any work but we are entitled to it because parents pay for second term which we all know starts from January to April.
As school resumed on the 21st September ,2020. Many thought they would pay full salary to each staff as we were not given April salary and for complete six months,no dime was given to any staff. I’m sure many of u understand how it goes in private schools who care only about your delivery that makes them money and not ur wellbeing.
On September 30th,all the staff were amazed when one-third of the salary was paid.Why did they do this? Many frowned at this act! Before the payment, there is this Intervention Fund FG promised to pay to Private School teachers.The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) had discussed with the FG some months ago to do something in form of salary to their teachers.
So this week, something happened.All the staff were told to submit their account details including our BVN,so we were told FG is about to fulfill their promises to pay each staff for six months provided we meet the tax requirements and our school is approved. Many of us concluded at first that it was because they know FG is about to give us money that they pay us one-third of our salary.
However,what we heard this morning got many of furious.
We were told that FG only needs TEN staff in a school to pay them salary.Could this be true? Can Buhari I know do this?Could it be that our proprietress compromised with the body in charge of the payment of this fund? To me,I dnt FG can do that.They will rather not give than to please some at the expense of others.From the info I heard,after paying the money into the accounts of the ten staff,we will all return the money to the proprietress and they will now share it to others.Can u believe this BUHARISTS?
For u to know that this is suspicious,we only dropped our BVN before,but in the midnight of today around 2 a m ,that was when we were asked to drop our Account details.Something must be fishy!
Though the money has not entered,but a stitch in time saves nine.
Buharists who have access to Femi Adeshina should try as much as possible to share this info to him .With this he could secretly find out the true position of what I said.If it is eventually not true,it means this act is a corruption of the highest of the highest order.Besides,many if them attribute the current state of the economy to Buhari meanwhile they bad examples of leaders and CEOs.
The staff could not confront them but I told them I will use this platform to find out Justice and they all begged me.

My name is Badmus Kayode Ismail

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