DagrinSeries: Ghetto dreams ,10 YEARS GONE

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Sossick and Dagrin were picking beans at the former house. One and half Derica. In the course of the picking, Dagrin would stop, beat the table, drop some bars……..

“Moni dream lati di Nigeria President
Owo ti won koje lo encourage mi
Epe ti awon eyan se fun won lo discourage mi.

When sossick heard this bars, he laughed, the lines were not the usual he was used to. Dagrin would continue his free styling. He told him,  they need to produce it.

Few weeks after, Sossick was meant to travel to Benin. He was not feeling too happy. He droppped at one of his friend’s  place who owns a studio. He entered and recorded a hook based on how he felt at that moment.

The hook went thus.

Sometimes when I am dreaming
I just don’t wanna wake up
I realise me and my bit*h neva break up
Put it down for the ghetto
Been that way from the get go
And I wonder, do they really
Hear my heart.

Few days after, Dagrin came with his usual freestyle. Sossick immediately played the hook he made before going to Benin City . He wrote to the hook and it was recorded.

The record made was Ghetto Dream, the first track on the CEO album.


WRITTEN BY Emma Tallest

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