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Dagrinseries: LEGEND, 10 YEARS GONE

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Dagrin was somewhere in Ikeja. DJ Neptune saw him and queried him why he hasn’t drop his verse on 123 remix. He told him he would do it but he had to go to a birthday party first. DJ Neptune cajoled him into following him to Gini’s house. At Gini’s House, MI and Naeto C were there, they already recorded their verses to the remix.

Dagrin dropped his 16 bars and left for the birthday party. Few days after, he was involved in a road accident which later led to his death.

123 remix remains one of the best hip-hop joint ever made in Nigeria. How a Yoruba Rapper almost kill two Emcee on that joint is a story for another  day.

Song: 123 Remix
Artistes:DJ Neptune ft MI, ,Naeto C and Dagrin


WRITTEN BY:  Emma Tallest

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