DagrinSeries: PON PON PON , 10 YEARS GONE

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Sossick had the beat of pon pon pon ready four months before he met Dagrin. He tried to market it to a lot of artistes but they weren’t seeing the bigger picture, artiste like Traffik, Ruggedman and others.

Most of them requested for something like Julie by Shank which he had earlier produced.

Dagrin was in the studio, Sossick was playing instrumentals from his catalogue, when he heard the beat for Pon Pon Pon , he was wowed, he put off his clothes remaining his singlet. Took a pen and a book. Wrote his verses. They recorded the joint that day.

After the recording. They needed to find a hook for it but it was not forthcoming. Sossick suggested they leave the song like that. It seems it was already dope without a hook. Dagrin collected the tape and left the studio.

Dagrin did most of the music distribution.

Few weeks after, Sossick was on his way to YABATECH,  he passed through Mushin, at some of the records shops, he heard the song. From then on, he knew the song had blew.

The music video was directed by Gini. Dagrin record label “Edylny” records wanted Clarence Peters  but he settled for Gini.

The larger part of the video were shot at Shitta in Surulere,  Dagrin lived in that hood. Some shot were taken at Lagos Island and Ikeja. It took five weeks.

The video of Run this down by Jay Z featuring Kanye West and Rihanna was the inspiration behind the music video.
It was dark with some street sampling.

Dagrin-Pon pon Pon (Official Video)

making of DAGRIN POn POn POn.mov


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