DagrinSeries: The Beginning

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Dagrin was an introvert. Only few people know that. This had a domino effect on the kind of friends he had while alive. He had few friends and YQ was one of them.

Only few people know how they met and how they made the classic song Efimile.

The Beginning:

Dagrin and YQ met during one of the show they performed at before the fame. They always meet and vibe. And you know what they said about likes mind attracting one another. It was organic.

After a few months of being friend. YQ suggested they create a song. They needed a producer. They went to Sheyman, seeking his advise on how to go about the music production and promotion. Sheyman was kind of busy and instead directed them to Dr. Frabz.

In the process of talking to Sheyman.  Dagrin went to a corner in the studio and was rapping in Yoruba. He was oblivion to the people in the studio. Sheyman said Dagrin had a lot of fire in him
waiting to be unleashed.

Few weeks after, YQ had a record label deal with enough fund to execute the project at hand.

They went to Dr Frabz studio and recorded the song. The video was shot by DJ Tee.


Artiste: YQ ft Dagrin
Producer: Dr Frabz


                                                            Emma Tallest
14/3/2020                                 ENTERTAINMENT CATIGORY


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