DagrinSeries:Champion remix , 10 YEARS GONE

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The date was Triple 9. I mean 9/9/2009. The remix of champion was to be recorded at a studio . Dolphin estate. The now defunct Storm 360 artistes Sasha P, GT Da Guitar man, Naeto C, the then newly signed YSG frontman Vector da viper and also Dagrin were all in the studio courtesy of General Pype.

There was confusion on who will go into the vocal booth first. Four rappers in the same room,  they were all attempting to kill one another. They were busy writing their verses waiting for the person that would open the floor.

Dagrin got tired of waiting, he asked General Pype if he could go first. He ascended to his request. Pype has been  like a big bro to Dagrin from way back.

You might need to listen to Dagrin verse to understand what I am saying.

Song: Champion remix
Year: 2009
Producer: Del B
Artistes: General Pype ft Dagrin, Vector da viper, Sasha P, Naeto C and GT da Guitar man.
Records Label: Storm 360.


WRITTEN BY Emma Tallest

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