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Ethiopia PM warns citizens against attacking foreigners over Coronavirus

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday cautioned citizens against attacking foreigners in the wake of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, outbreak.

This comes after some residents targeted Asians living in the country, following news that three Japanese were infected with the coronavirus.

Combating the coronavirus shouldn’t damage humanity, the PM said.

“As Covid-19 awareness efforts continue nationally, it is important to note that the virus is not related to any country or nationality. Everyone is equally at risk,” said Abiy.

“Adhering to the evidence-based Ministry of Health prevention and care guidelines is essential. Prevention efforts need not be a barrier to our humanity and disposition for compassion. As a global community, we are each other’s keepers. Let us not let fear rob us of our humanity.”

Since the outbreak of the pandemic globally, Ethiopia, the seat of the African Union (AU) has cancelled international conferences which were planned to be held in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Forefingers have been target of attacks by locals who believe that foreigners are responsible for the spread of corona virus in their country

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