FAKE NEWS AGAIN!!! — All 3.5 million test kits supplied by China were faulty

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There seems to be a well coordinated attack on the Chinese over Corona virus and their emergence as a world economic superpower.This all started when the US president Donald Trump described the corona virus as a Chinese virus during one his press briefings at the White-house.

There are many well orchestrated videos of people of different nationalities being used  to speak against the Chinese technology and its 5G network being circulated on social media . It should be noted that there has been an ongoing trade war  between the US government and the Chinese companies, most especially Huawei Telecom who have emerged the world leaders in reliable and affordable 5G networks and accessories. Huawei and many Chinese companies have been able to dominate the future 5G market in many countries including the UK and many advanced countries .

Before the arrival of the corona virus as a world pandemic, the Chinese companies had concluded installation of 5G network in over 50 cities in the world. This is unprecedented because the western companies used to dominate the hi-tech network market worldwide. This is perceived to be the reason for some hidden hands spreading anti-Chinese propaganda against 5G and  China.

Despite the fact that many technology experts have disputed fears of 5G on the health of humans and various conspiracy theories claiming the technology is being used to spread Corona virus around the world, these anti-Chinese propaganda has not gone away, in fact it has become more believable to many, even the most educated who should know better.

As at today, there is a new attack on the Chinese and it’s various donations of medical equipment to many countries to help fight the corona virus. News is being spread that the medical equipment many of the countries bought from the Chinese are either laced with Corona virus or are fake and damaged. They claim the various governments have demanded for a refund, some of up-to $3.5m,this is not true

How does a government ask for a refund for equipment donated to them?. It seems the latest attacks are well coordinated to de-market the Chinese economy worldwide. This is understandable due to the fact that the Chinese were the first to be attacked by the corona virus in the city of Wuhan but were able to contain the spread within the city and reduce the number of deaths. As at today the Chinese have no  new deaths,very few cases of Corona virus and their economic activities have not been impeded by the virus compared to their competitors in the USA and Europe who have daily deaths in hundreds and infections running into thousands.

The US and Europe are in lock-down in most cities in the USA and Europe have suspended most of their economic activities due to the high rate of corona virus and deaths in their various cities.

It is obvious this attacks on the Chinese is not stopping any time soon because it seems the Chinese might eventually become the biggest economy and world leader post the corona virus pandemic. The Chinese have been able to handle the pandemic better than any other country in the world and are already living a post pandemic world.

There are many agents of the capitalists all over the world who are spreading this anti-Chinese propaganda and Nigeria is no different. Before the pandemic the opposition and their E-rats are well known for spreading fake news against the the Buhari administration in the country’s social media space. They are willing tools in the hands of the capitalists who always find the weakest link to use in bringing down governments who do not do their bidding.

The PDP is already claiming that the president should be held accountable for deaths that might come from Corona virus due to the acceptance of Chinese doctors and equipment to help the government fight corona virus and complete the projects scattered all over the country. The PDP is the worst opposition any country can have at the moment of a world pandemic . Most opposition in other countries have put politics aside and have joined hands to help the government fight the pandemic. Not our PDP.  https://lanrerasheedblog.com/chinese-doctors-hold-buhari-apc-responsible-for-any-covid-19-upsurge-pdp/

The PDP has been behind all the propaganda against the Chinese in Nigeria. And they have started claiming the Chinese equipment are fake and the government has asked for a refund. Nigeria did not buy Chinese medical equipment , China donated them to Nigeria. China donated medical equipment to many countries and cities to help fight the corona virus pandemic,from France,Spain, New york to Italy and even the UK. The PDP have their online fake news spreaders who use various platforms including the main stream media to incite the people against the Chinese and the Nigerian government. Most times it uses fake and sensitive headlines. the type you  are seeing online now about government asking for refunds from china.https://lanrerasheedblog.com/chinese-team-and-equipment-arrive-in-uk-to-support-virus-fight/

Nigerians should note that we do not need to play politics at this time. What we need is to help save as many lives as possible and eradicate the corona virus from our country. It will help nobody if many people die of the virus or it spreads into a situation we become so helpless to control. If the situation occurs even the PDP and their family members will be victims. Let us put our hands together to save our people. This fake news helps nobody but destroys nations.


The publisher Lanre Rasheed

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