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Susan Ade Coker is the founder and Administrator of a the popular RANT HQ group on facebook. She has recently come under fire when she was upset by the posts of some people on the group. She posted on the group in anger that  some igbo people were senseless and were free to leave the group and let others remain.

It has become common knowledge to all RANT HQ followers and fans that igbos who support Nnami cownu and Biafra usually post tribal hate speeches and fake news on the group, which sparked the group admins post in response.

Many members of the group however in response to her post did not appreciate her post as they believed that she was being tribalistic and summed her post to refer to all Igbos.


This has made a large number of igbos to exit the the group. They also have reported her page to Facebook, also reported her to NCDC to revoke her appointment as Ambassador of the Agency.


This is not the first time Susan Coker has come under fire from Igbos on RANT HQ, She had been accused of fraud some months ago by one Mr Adeyeye for using the group for fraudulent activities. He alleged he had sent a sum of money to her for Charity work and he had requested for a receipt which he never received and on pressing the issue further, Susan insulted him and blocked him from gaining access to her on platforms.

The allegation was made by Adeyeye who is a Yoruba man however the Igbo’s were at the forefront of the attacks and petitions against the founder of the group.The case died a natural death as there was no case to answer by Coker.

The latest attacks on her has taken a new dimension as many igbo’s have vowed to take her down. many reports have been made to Facebook about the group.

Facebook after receiving the complaints has not shut down the Facebook group but has identified posts that do not project what the Facebook community stands for and allowed the group to Stand.

Just when you thought the worst was over concerning this matter, an Igbo version of the group has been created and Igbo’s have been joining the new group to rival the original  group of over 1.500 members on Facebook.

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