Just 7 days into the coronavirus shutdown in South Africa, 87,000 Domestic Abuse Cases

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Wonders they say shall never end……….

Just 7 days into the coronavirus shutdown in South Africa, 87,000 Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women and Children were registered at the South African Police Service (SAPS) throughout the nooks and crannies of the country.

Out of the 87,000 cases registered at the South African Police Service (SAPS) within 7days, over 23,000 ‘ve moved out of their husbands, wives, partners, mistress and lovers homes to avoid further damages to their lives and properties.

The South African National Police Commissioner, General Bheki Cele while releasing this gory statistics yesterday, bemused the behavior of these characters that could take the fight against the coronavirus pandemic backwards………

Various reasons could be responsible for this unbelievable development in the affairs of partners÷
Most men like to have many girlfriends outside their real wife at home; Staying indoor could be boring to them. They then manufacture problems where it doesn’t exist just to leave the house.

Women also do such by manufacturing problems at home because they want to be with another man.

Some men/women are prone to selfishness; each would be accusing each other of avoiding responsibility.

There are men/women who got “Wandering Disease,” these are people who can not sit down at home for a very longtime. That could cause alot of tension in the house……

Some women don’t know how to cook the right favourable meals their men desire, the man might be infuriated to seek alternatives outside.

Some women are not properly well trained in domestic activities such as cooking, laundry, taking care of the kids etc.

Some men too don’t know how to love and play with the children.

Some men are not used to sitting at home for days; such sitting at home might reveal many ugly occurrences to him!

Expectations from the man/woman might not be met by each other, thereby resulting into unhealthy arguments.

Some men/women are insecured, as such don’t have confidence in each other. They buzz into each other’s phones searching for clues……. This is common among relationship that is coming from partners who are serial cheaters themselves.

Staying 100% at home exposes alot of shortcomings hitherto unknown to both parties.

Relationships built on false or fake premise always crumble at the slightest provocation!

Most men/women real character could start manifesting the moment they dont have excuse to manufacture lies.

Money, money and money could bring about tension. Some partners are very doggy when it comes to spending at home.

Some men who like older or working class women because of benefits, might run into a brick wall if that older woman becomes clever!

Some men get tired easily when a woman is a complete liability.

Some men/women are not used to sleeping with one partner for a very long period.They get bored with partners easily.

Some men enjoy destroying women’s lives; they wait for the right time before they strike. The woman hardly suspect the bitter end result because men are skillful players.

Some women are also poisonous in their venom. Most times they miscalculate criminals for real men.

Women could leave man high and dry by doing the least unexpected evil…….

All the above shenanigans in relationship has been totally exemplified by the invasion of coronavirus.

Sitting at home with your partner during this coronavirus pandemic shutdown, is supposed to bring about peace, love, bond, happiness, sober reflection, understanding, endurance, romance, debate, cooking, sex and endless sharing of historical moments in one’s life!

I can not understand why the astronomical and staggering figures of 87,000 registered figures at the South African Police Service of domestic violence and women and children abuse within 7 days in South Africa?

South Africa population is about 56 million people. It has the highest broken homes and domestic violence in Africa and 2nd in the World.

87,000 cases of domestic violence in 7days, multiply by 14 more days…… That in itself is another version of CORONAVIRUS.




West Ogbamen!

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