Kano state and the game of thrones- by LANRE RASHEED

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I have been following events since Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was dethroned as Emir of Kano and i have not  said anything, just studying the situation. But guess it was a good thing, because if I had spoken from the beginning,I would have contradicted myself a few times, using emotions to make judgement like many of us have been doing.

In as much as Sanusi is a talker and says things that makes him look like a lover of the poor, I don’t see him as such, all I see is a well educated elite always seeking attention. For a royal who has friends and connections all over the world I’m yet to see or hear of his charitable activities while he was Emir , though some give to the poor and make it a secret not Sanusi. Someone who talks and talks and loves attention would love to give and tell the whole world. After all we all remember how he gave Kano state government N100m naira for bomb blast victim and a few months later ended up as the Emir?. It wasn’t his turn to be Emir anyway. But he took advantage of the politics between Kwankwaso and President Goodluck Jonathan after Jonathan wanted him arrested for spilling the beans on $20bn looted funds from the CBN/NNPC. He simply made himself available for Kwankwaso to be used to play politics and in turn got the throne.

After becoming the emir what did he do for the Almajiris he talks about,what has he done for female children not in school? He goes around showing off his wealth and riches. But his being dethroned was never about what he was saying. And how it made the state government of Ganduje look bad,it was more than that.

Where do you think the pictures of the governor receiving foreign currency from expatriate contractors came from? Forget the lies about the video of Ganduje receiving kickbacks is a lie or photo-shopped. It was real. And only someone with Sanusi’s connection could pull that off, even if he wasn’t responsible,He has the international connections, he knew who did because he supported the PDP during the 2019 elections . That was the sin he committed that was unforgivable. The kickbacks was not only for the governor,but for members of the state assembly too,at least the APC members. That was why they could not indict the governor after seeing that video of Gandoje receiving foreign currency as kickbacks in his office. Sanusi got big headed and decided to help Kwankwaso who helped him become Emir and saved him from Jonathan’s humiliation attempt by supporting him and the PDP against Ganduje during the 2019 elections. It was only normal for the winners to take revenge.

Sanusi knew this. He went from Obasanjo to Danjuma to anyone he knew to get forgiveness from the governor and his boys. But it was a waste of time. Ganduje had made up his mind. After all, the throne was not for Sanusi as at the time he got it. It was for Ado Bayero. But the political atmosphere at that time gave it to him. And the same politics took it from him.

After that banishment it was only normal for politicians and our S.A.Ns to use the issue to get attention or put their names on  trending headlines. How would an educated man like Sanusi be banished and restricted for life into a village in this day and age? All that was needed was for him to go to court and get the constitution support his freedom.

El-rufai is a friend of Sanusi and a smart politician. He only used his office to help and support Sanusi to avoid the PDP claiming it’s APC that humiliated Sanusi and not Kano State Governor. He also moved to protect the APC from the opposition claiming it’s Buhari that asked Sanusi to be removed. He has succeeded and the opposition as opportunists are not giving up. That’s why you see the likes of Kwankwaso, Deji Adeyanju and Osita chidoka jumping all over the place because of Sanusi. Truth is that Sanusi is a victim of his own choices. He chose to play the master in Kano state politics and lost the throne. People in Kano are rejoicing while people in Nnewi , Aba, Onitsha and Ondo are crying more than the bereaved.

They say Sanusi should be the next president. It’s ok, maybe they need to amend the Constitution, because for you to be President you need to join a political party  at ward level,you need to go to where you come from and register with a political party and then be nominated by your party to be president. Since Sanusi has been banished from Kano for life,what ward would he register as a party member? Kaduna Or Enugu?.

Sanusi’s case is just another flash in the pan and after a while nobody will talk about him. If I were him I’ll go abroad and enjoy my life with my elite friends and leave Nigerian politics to Nigerian politicians.


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