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The arrest and denial of arrest of the EFCC acting chairman and his subsequent suspension by the preisdent has taken over other serious issues in this country. Magu was invited by the presidential panel, he had the opportunity to defend himself against the allegations, the usual Nigeria mentalilty took over him, he refused to honour their invitation until he was accosted and forcefully taken there.

I dont understand the reasons behind the denial of the dss that Magu was not arrested. Magu was arrested by the dss according to available information and taken to the venue of the presidential panel. What I find very unfortunate in this country is every tom, dick and harry think they are above the laws, they want the laws to wait for them, they take pride in bending the laws. If the EFCC under Magu sent somebody an invitation and he or she refused to come they are picked up. Failure to honour the presidential panel alone is enough to suspend Magu.

In as much as I support the fight against corruption, I am totally against tying that success to one particular man. Anybody that finds his/herself in a position of trust must learn to leave above board.

I have never trusted Malami all my entire life and I dont have any reason to trust him now but he raised some allegations against Magu. Of all the allegations the only one that got me worried was the one that accused him of relooting the recovered loot.

I trust JUSTICE AYO SALAMI who is a man without a price. If Magu is found wanting, the presidential panel will do justice to him and if he found innocent the panel will vindicate him. It is only natural that for the panel to do a good job Magu has to be supended cause a dented man cant lead the EFCC.

The allegation that Magu sold recovered properties to his friends might have issues if they are sold at a give away price or due process was not followed but if due process was followed I dont see anything wrong with it.

Magu as a man knew people are after his job, he knew people will do anything to bring him down, he ought not to have offered them petrol to make their fire bigger. The issue of insorbodination whatever that means, I felt embarrassed that our elected and appointed officials put themselves above the constitution of this nation. Magu might be working under Malami who is a highly corrupt and compromised man. I dont expect magu to be loyal to Malami against the constitution of the Federal Repubic of Nigeria.

While knowing the JUSTICE AYO SALAMI presidential panel will do a great job by calling it the way it is, I hope the allegations against Magu are not true, cause if they are I will be the first person to call for his head. If the allegations turns out to be false, all the high profile cases taken over by Malami which are dead should also be investigated by the same presidential panel.

Doumbouya Ahmed

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