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Malaysia police detain 700 migrants over Covid-19

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The Malaysian government on Friday detained hundreds of illegal migrants living in the country.

There is growing anger in the country over migrants spreading the coronavirus and being a burden on the Malaysian government resources.

There are over 2 million registered foreign workers living in Malaysia but government estimate there are many more living in the country without proper documentation. Malaysia does not recognize refugees, they are regarded as illegal immigrants .

The arrests followed immigration raids in the capital Kuala Lumpur where most migrants and illegal workers
are resident. Over 700 migrants including children were rounded up and detained.

Areas where the raids took place were closed while three buildings were placed on lockdown due to the increase in coronavirus infections in the neighborhood. Almost 9,000 people live in the buildings most of whom are foreign migrants

Malaysia has a total of 6,071 cases of corona virus and 103 deaths. 235 of the migrants have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Pictures being shared on social media showing hundreds of migrants lined up closely together as they were being arrested while government officials wore full protective equipment while some of the migrants had masks.

Other photos showed dozens packed in trucks in unhygienic conditions while being taken to detention centres.

Government intends to end the lockdown in the country to contain the spread of Coronavirus on Monday and wants to stop movement of undocumented migrants.


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