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The audio recording that went viral on social media dissuading the use of 5G technology is unintelligible.
There is no correlation between 5G technology and Coronavirus (COVID-19). Someone will wake up and decides to misinform the gullible public, and our society is getting so used to it.
Nigerians, please stop this nonsense.

South Korea and Japan have been operating 5G in cities and towns within their networks since 2019. And major world economies are already deploying 5G in cities and towns.

It will improve our lives significantly on many of the things we do today from education, health, better and quick data transfer., etc.
And better internet speed.
South Korea’s speed rate is four times faster than the world average of 7.0 Mbit/s.
The Asians are ahead in this technology.
The fear of the Asians such as China Huawei dominating the market which is enormous came from the West when 5G first rolled out.

We are surrounded already by electromagnetic waves from the Radio, Microwave oven, TV down to all the ordinary remote controls that we use in the house, our cars and so on.
We live in a world of technology, and it is not going to abate.

© Femi Tiwo.

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