Mrs Obiageli Mazi, Gov. Zulum and N551bn

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  Abia State, the state of Nnamdi Kanu, Sen Aberibe and many haters of the current administration and everything North/ Fulani was in the news this week for the goodwill of the governor of Bornu State, Governor Zulum to a teacher who hails from Abia State. I assume you have heard the story but let me tell you the story again.
  Mrs Obiageli Mazi is a level 12 class teacher with 31 years experience as a teacher but her qualification is NCE, she made the acquaintance of Governor Zulum when he was on an unannounced visit to the school where she works in the early hours of Friday, 7th February. Mrs Mazi was already at work at 6.30 am and the governor was impressed with her commitment to work and her presence at the workplace at that time of the morning. The governor gifted her with N100,000 in cash and recommended her for a promotion. She was promoted to Assistant headmistress which she was deemed to qualify for by her many years of teaching experience.
This same week the EFCC discovered N551bn in 100 accounts of different banks belonging to the speaker of Abia state , Chinedum Orji who is the son of former governor of Abia State and a serving senator, SEN. Theodor Orji. For a state that owes workers and teachers many months salaries, one would wonder why the citizens of the state that is nicknamed the kerosene state because the people got 5ltr of kerosene a day to the election of the present state governor are never critical of their own leaders but blame the president , the north and fulani tribe for everything wrong in their lives. Abia state is notoriously popular for being one of the dirtiest states in Nigeria.
My message to some persons from Abia who continually preach hatred and division of the country, good can come to you from every part and any tribe of Nigeria, cease to preach division of this country,cease to continue fostering unnecessary hatred for the North and Nigeria,let your charity begin at home.

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