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A report by Philip Obaji Jnr issued by the Aljazeera network has detailed the human trafficking
experience of two very young women from the NorthEastern part of Nigeria specifically Bornu State.

They report gave there name as 16 year old Mirian and her 17 year old cousin Roda at the time of their

The reported detailed that Miriam was approached by a middle aged woman known to her as Aunty Kiki
while she was fetching water near the Madinatu Internally Displaced Persons camp, She was asked by
the woman If she was interested in working as a housemaid for a monthly salary in Enugu in the Eastern
part of Nigeria.

Miriam thought nothing of this woman as having any ulterior motive but as an opportunity to better her
lot. In excitement and anticipation of better prospects, she informed her cousin and advised her to
approach Aunty Kiki if she could get the same opportunity. Aunty Kiki assured her the opportunity was
also opened to her if she was interested.

The girls were both very excited to move to Enugu, They packed their bags very quickly, without
informing their family members and left with Aunty Kiki to Enugu.

Miriam said “ We were both very excited to travel to Enugu, We had suffered so much for four years
and were happy to go somewhere new to start a new life”.

Their journey to Enugu was a tedious one, they headed first to Maiduguri, the capital city of Bornu State,
then a 12 hour Journey to Abuja where they spent the night with an acquaintance of their “benefactor”.

They journeyed for another 9 hours the following day to arrive in Enugu.

They were taken to a compound that had two flats of three bedroom each. The compound housed
other girls and were handed over to an older woman and instructed to do as the woman told them.

The girls believed their responsibility was to carry out household chores and clean the compound, their
employers however had a whole different idea, they were asked to stay in separate rooms, this was the
start of regular rape encounters by men of the trafficking ring by both young women.

They were not just raped but also beaten by their assailants.
They were both pregnant within a month, but that did not stop the assault as the men could still request
to rape them at their pleasure.

Miriam was delivered of a baby boy, the baby was taken from her and she was led out of the compound,
with her face covered three days later, She was given the sum of N20,000 to find her way back to the
North. She said “They did not want me to know the way to the compound, that’s why they covered my

Her Cousin, Roda was also meted the same treatment after she also gave birth to a baby boy.
They were both reunited in Madinatu after facing the stress of the journey back, they could no longer
stay in the camp because they no longer felt safe there.

They found separate accommodation to stay
and make and sell groundnut cakes for survival.

NAPTIP National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, The Agency responsible for the
enforncement against trafficking in Persons says they are aware of the trafficking situation in the IDP
camps and is working on addressing this issue in the IDP camps particularly in the Madinatu camp.

The Agency has increased surveillance in the IDP camp. They are working with the camp managers and
officials who have their toll free numbers to intimate them of any suspected trafficking or traffickers.

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