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You have churches overseas where you fly in your private jets to preach. In those nations, you obey their laws. You never rose against the laws that regulate your spending. When you flout the rules, they even appoint a small pikin who doesn’t believe in your God to oversea your collections and spending, you did not object. You didn’t say those nations are fighting God.
But now in Nigeria, where the new CAMA is trying to bring civilization and probity to money that you collect from the people, you said it is a law against God.. which God are you talking about? Is the God in US and UK where you and your churches obey laws and where your spending are regulated different from the God in Nigeria?

Nigerian churches engage in businesses to make profit and yet will not pay tax because they hide under church. But they make profit?
Don’t be deceived. The Church that is the bride of Jesus, that Jesus is coming for are not those incorporated institutions but you and me.
If you incorporated your institution, whether it is a church or not, the government that issued you certificate of incorporation has rule over you.
If you don’t obey, you are not following Christ.
If you don’t want government to regulate you…operate like Jesus and the Apostles after Him.
1. Don’t do any incorporation.. in other words, remove the name and logo.
2. Don’t own assets. Distribute all your money to your members.
3. Don’t operate a bank account. Distribute the money you collect among the members and go empty.
There’s nothing to fight in the new CAMA. It is meant to stop churches being operated as business centers…
Nobody can fight against the CHURCH of God. Your conscience is what is fighting you.


Pastor Abayomi Obabolujo


  1. Past. Tolu Aiyere Reply

    Valid point, most pastors in Nigeria and other Afticsn countries even in some western countries manipulate and exploit their innocent and poor members.

    I sometimes wonder if these pastors are born again or it’s the case of do as I say and not as I do.
    These pastors have to rededicate their lives to God or better still be born again.

  2. Lanre Rasheed Reply

    Pastor Tolu, our religious institutions need to be regulated. The excesses from them needs to be looked into with eagle eyes. It is having a negative effect on our collective psychy.

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