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You have paid no attention to many posts of Buharists including myself to observe the lack of precision in publicizing the president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration’s achievements ,activities  and interaction with the youth on social media. This action has resulted in a very large reduction in the fan base of the president especially among the youth.

As special adviser to the president on social media you wield so much power to influence the youth of this Nation on the extent of the great work the president is doing but it seems you are too analogue to handle the job.


I personally hold you responsible for the opposition gaining ground on social media over the last few years even with overwhelming support the president had from millions of Buharists who you copied and pasted till you got your job at the presidency through the help of honorable minister Rotimi Amaechi, and who you still get massive help from in promoting the president.

Your team’s activities on social media has not been futuristic and advanced to lead the propaganda machine of the presidency and his social media supporters at large. We should have advanced into more interactive ways of getting involved with the presidency online.

While you should have been innovative with your social media handles, You would do posts about your friends for instance you praised to high heavens your friend who was a Nurse in the UK while you never appreciated any of the medical professionals here in Nigeria neither did you show the valiant efforts of the Presidency to fight the Pandemic. You have also posted events that had no bearing with the activities of the President which is your  your job like the speech by Ohaneze Ndigbo sometime back. You would also post selfies!

Your job is not to post the executive council meeting of the president. Your job is to keep the support of the president alive on social media with innovation youthfulness and creativity in the cyber space.

Your job is to build an online followership that can defend the president against domestic and foreign attacks which mar the image and person of the president on the internet and attract younger ones to governance.

Despite several warnings by myself and many Buharists for you to form a formidable team of Buharists who can help shape your tools at handling the opposition, You mostly block us or insult us proudly and arrogantly for daring to criticize or question your activities . How power changes people.

Despite the fact that you used to belong to all the Buharist groups on Facebook before your appointment,you have never acknowledged the efforts of these Buhari Social media warriors.

At opportunities for youth interaction with the President you invite young celebrities that supported the opposition during elections and still pay them to represent the youths. Should you not have picked part of the Buharists that you have ascertained their relentless support for President Buhari in the past six years.

Now the opposition has used the social media to bring up protests that could cripple the peace and unity in the country. Every Nigerian has a right to protest. It’s part of our democracy. But when the opposition uses propaganda to incite the people through social media and your team is helpless then you have failed in your duties.

As I’m writing this letter the opposition has started online campaigns to change the #endSARS protests to #Buharimostresign. This could have been nipped in the bud if you had taken several warnings and advice from  Buharists.

Patriots Forum of Nigeria

We warned about the oppositions activities , planning protests to coincide with the sixtieth anniversary of our nation on October 1st and the threats by some  secessionist elements wanting  to  declare  an Oduduwa republic on same day.

Those plans failed due to the cancellation of the NLC strike on October 1 as well.


If you were still following Buharists online, you would notice that many of us had foreseen the plans of various PDP supporters and supporters of other opposition parties on Twitter, Facebook, instagram and whatsapp for months now but your team made no efforts to change the narrative.

As the #endSARS protests are ongoing you have not started getting involved in shaping the narrative of what the youths want and how to best handle their grievances knowing the social media is their second home and is your domain of expertise.

Trending today  in the media  is news about your being listed for an appointment as INEC Commissioner. I wonder how that is even possible being that you are a member of the ruling party,the APC. How does a player in a game become the referee?. Something is definitely wrong somewhere if that news is true. And i hope not. You deserve better.

That appointment is too controvercial and would give the opposition a topic to wail about and trend on for some time to come.

It usually takes days or weeks after issues affecting the people or against the president  trends for you to get a hint of it and respond, you are so sure Buharists will do your job for you for free. May our loyalty never be tested -BRF

I wonder what you are doing when Buharists are doing all the work day and night since this administration began and you got your appointment?.

All we see is your pictures eating peppersoup, dancing or posting about your influential friends abroad and your fellow career politicians forgetting the social media is for the youth, forgetting that social media is the source of communication between the administration and the youths of the country

I believe you need to start organizing zoom conferences or virtual interactions between the presidency and the youth that stand behind his policies and sacrificing so much to keep his legacy alive on social media.

I believe you need to constantly update and bring to speed Buharists who have been relentless in proclaiming the gospel of our great President Muhammadu Buhari so that the youths and Nigerians as a whole would begin to see the efforts of this Administration to make Nigeria the country of our dreams.



It is not so difficult to identify Buharists. Just go over their timeline over five years and see what they have been posting and sharing on your behalf, making your job easier .

This is my personal opinion on your teams handling  of social media for this Administration as I have nothing against your person and only wish for the best interest of the country and to preserve the legacy of our mentor President Muhammadu Buhari.

Thank you ma.




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