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Just as it happened in Kano , Sokoto State is currently engulfed in mass deaths yet to be ascertained by medical experts to know the cause.

There is every possibility this is part of the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic but due to the Islamic religion being practiced in the north , Muslims are buried same day they die without an autopsy being performed by a coroner.

At a commentary in Tudun Wada , there are reports that over 100 bodies have been brought for burial in a single day. Many residents of Sokoto are living in intense atmosphere as the deaths keep on occurring in large numbers daily.

The state government might be under reporting the spread of Coronavirus in the State or residents with the virus are not coming forward for tests at the isolation centers in the State.

Officially the NCDC has confirmed 54 cases of Coronavirus in the last 3 weeks and no deaths recorded yet.

A community spread situation in Sokoto might be difficult to contain due to the lack of heath facilities in most parts of the state.

There is no health care system that can cope with a large outbreak of Coronavirus in Sokoto.

The federal government should intervene as soon as possible to avoid the spread into the most remote parts of the state where it would be impossible to get healthcare support to help at that level.

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