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#pmblegacyseries: ITAKPE-WARRI RAIL LINE

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Exactly 30 years ago , the General Ibrahim Babangida conceptualized the 326km Itakpe-Ajaokuta-warri rail line.

For 30 years the rain line was abandoned and let to rot away, as different governments continued to neglect the critical rail line.

On Tuesday 29th of September, 2020 . President Mohammed Buhari Inaugurated the rail line for commercial operations as well as the ancillary facility yard .The rail line linking Itakpe to Warri was earlier named after the former president Goodluck Jonathan.

President Buhari at the virtual inauguration ordered the minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi to link all the rail lines in the country to all the ports of origin and destination. They are Apapa, Tin Can , Warri , Onne , Calabar ports. This will significantly improve transportation and economic capacities of the country.

The president said the railway was recognized by the administration as the vital backbone to support industrialization and economic development of the Nation.

President Buhari was confident that the project which joins the south south zone to the northern part of the country will be completed during his regime.

The president congratulated the minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi for a job well done and thanked the communities along the corridors of the rail line for their corporation and patience.



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