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The redesigned Akanu Ibiam International Airport Enugu, with its newly constructed world class utra modern terminal building & runway will be opened for business on August 30.
In our 21 years of democracy since 1999, Southern Christians ruled for 14 years & the Northern Moslems ruled for only 7 which include the current 5 years of Buhari.

Yaradua’s ill health & eventual death did not allow him to do much in his 2 years therefore leaving the North to effectively have ruled for only 5 years which is this Buhari’s administration.

But ironically, in just 5 years, Nigeria is being transformed before our very eyes inspite of low revenues, inherited recession & a world wide pandemic & now we can only look at the Southern umbrella pirates 14 years as nothing but regrettable wasted years.

Just imagine that even 1/4 of what is done in these past 5 years was done in the 14 years of Southern umbrella locusts, where Nigeria will be today!
The saddest & most unfortunate of it all is how, in spite of these glaring verifiable differences in all round developmental achievements & indices, the leaders of the Southern states are able to successfully divert the attention of Southerners & zombified their minds with hate to see the Northerners as their problem & reason for their underdevelopment.

While the Southern political, traditional, religious, business & socio-cultural leaders get their people fixated at Abuja, Buhari & his Fulani brothers, they are busy squandering their trillions of naira in statutory allocations, 13% derivation revenues, taxes, rents & royalties revenues, ecological funds, IGRs, funds from loans & grants, NDDC funds, Ministry of Niger delta funds & Amnesty programme funds in addition to several billions in FG & CBN intervention funds.

Michael Ogueke


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