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The same strategy the PDP used in the first four years of President Buhari is playing out again.
They flood the media with restructuring mantra.
They use their tribal foot soldiers to demand for succession. That’s why you have suddenly started hearing an Oduduwa republic succession song by Gani Adams,a PDP man to the core.
Last time. It was Ipob demanding for Biafra. Now they have shifted to the south west all in an effort to divide the stronghold of the APC with tribal sentiments.
The same agents are singing the same song again as we are moving towards the 2023 elections.
Restructuring, restructuring, restructuring. Nothing new. Ask them what restructuring means, all you will hear is selfish agendas.
Restructuring is already going on in Nigeria. Abandoned roads are being fixed, bridges that have been budgeted for every year and the money looted are now being built.
TSA is being implemented. School’s are being rehabilitated. Universities getting autonomy, local government are getting their allocation directly. The legislative arm of states and the judiciary are now getting direct allocation and autonomy.
Border closure is getting farmers to grow what we used to import. Industries springing up due to reduction in importing food we can produce.
Those shouting restructuring today used to go to Aso rock to get envelope and appointment for their children. This is no more. That is why you hear them shouting restructuring.
They want another National conference to discuss Nigeria,. And threaten to break up the country on tribal lines if their demands are not met. Empty barrels.
Same players. Same names , same groups that sat in a conference and collected millions under Obasanjo and under Jonathan.
The poor don’t cry about restructuring. Its the same elite. The religious leaders, the traditional rulers, the social cultural groups. The various organizations that claim to represent one interest or the other.
All they want is change of power or to be bribed by the president the way the PDP
We have been down this road before. Same old political strategy.
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