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An insider has revealed the truth on what actually happened and why Hushpuppi and WoodBerry and others, were picked up secretly by FBI in Dubai.
It’s not a Scam, rather it’s a scammer that got scammed.

At the heat of the Coronavirus in the United States Of America . Parliament approved the distribution of Ventilators across the country and mostly to the Native Americans (the original owners of America). A government official was assigned to get the government contractors supply ventilators worth $35.7 million USD
He went in search of supplies from Asia, who will execute the contract.

In the process, he contacted a registered company, run by Hushpuppi and co, as a front in doing some deals on the internet. The company was actually registered in Dubai and operates on the internet, as Dubai based.
The government official who went into business discussion with the company, which he felt from the website, is actually a real and as big as their bogus website indicates, felt he can cut deal with them.

But, what actually blinded the US government official, was his greed. He proposed to Hushpuppi (as Mr. Mohammed Bin Alwani the company CEO) that he actually need ventilators worth only $20 million USD  to be supplied, so that he will give him his offshore bank  account, where he (Hushpuppi) will transfer the balance ($15.7) and take 10% from it.

He also proposed to Mr. Mohammed (Hushpuppi), that in other words, he can also supply that total number of ventilators, but it will be mainly empty casings of Ventilators with nothing in it. That, since he’s the one to receive and confirm the supply, he will clear it and that the ventilators are actually not going to be used, as it’s actually not needed. That he will only release the container with the real ventilators to few hospitals  then redirect the rest containers with empty Casings to warehouse, where it will actually stay forever not to be used till it will be scrapped.

Hushpuppi (Mr. Mohammed), saw this as a confirmed Mugu to chop, since the man is actually a thief and they can divert the money and nothing will happen.

Hushpuppi and WoodBerry prepared company documents for contracts and sales invoice  released. The US government official WIRED the $35.7 million straight away.
This was the reason such amount of money  could leave USA and was not questioned or stopped by FBI & Federal Reserve. Because, it’s a clean and clear funds authorized by US government. And an instruction came with it into UAE  central bank  as EURO CLEAR DTT, which was also the reason Dubai government/banks credited the account and released the money .

Mugu fall, guy men (Hushpuppi & WoodBerry) chop.

Now, is Hushpuppi a thief or he’s just a man on his own, who a bigger thief gave money  to keep for him and he decided to show him how to spend the money.

This is reason it’s hard for FBI to open up on how Hushpuppi scammed $35.7 million. This is an amount of money that no human being can ever transfer out of the USA  and it will not raise dust.

You can see how corrupt the whites are. And they will be busy painting Africans as corrupt.
Let’s wait and see how they will try to twist the story and cover the grand corruption.

We learnt the government official has been taken into custody as well.

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