Rosemond Brown, who posed naked with her 7-year-old son apologizes [video]

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last week a picture went viral on social media of Ghanaian vixen and social media influencer, Rosemond Brown, well known as Akuapem Poloo posing naked with her son.

For the past few days she has been lambasted on social media after she posed naked with her 7-year-old son as she celebrates his 7th year birthday.

Well, her actions seem to have landed her in trouble as her action is in violation of Ghanian criminal sections which prohibits the willful and intentional indecent exposure of one’s nakedness or genitals in any public place or platform.

She is facing two charges of indecent assault to wit and obscenity and could be jailed for at least three years if found guilty.

She has however made a video pleading for forgiveness and apologized.



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