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“Did he use government fund for the bash”?
This is as stupid as any idiotic question to ask.
And its shamefully asked by those novo-Buharists.
The new Facebook landlords.
Those who have acquired machines to measure patriotism.
Those who now have monopoly of insults.
Those quick to hate.
Same people who asked Atiku and PDP why they chose Dubai as their campaign headquarters.
I am ashamed. I am scandalised.
To them I pose the following:
Do you know why parents don’t have sex in front of their children?
Is it because they don’t have vaginas and penises?
Is it because they will be flogged or taken to court?
Do you think the children don’t know their parents do have sex?
The way you people are talking is shaming those who really thought we are of reasonable minds.
If you can travel to Dubai daily, no one will ask you why?
Gbaja ceases to have such luxury the day he became the speaker.
Gbaja can afford it, so also most of his guests.
Has anyone asked the guest why they went to Dubai?
This alone should have made you stop to reason.
Gbaja is talked about because he is number 4 in this government that is closing border and advising us to buy Nigeria.
Exporting resources that we so dearly need for growth, is sabotage.
Stop defending every nonsense. Its rubbing off you.
Its making people think you are not normal.
My 2kobo as usual.
Take it or leave it.
Insult me as much as you can.
Thank you is all I can say to you.
Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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