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The residence of Abule-egba looted the storage facility where food for COVID-19 relief materials was being store on Monday.

This is what happens when government official decide to short change the people they were elected to protect. various locations where these relief food to help the poor sustain themselves during the period of lock-down to curtail the local spreed of corona virus has mostly been shared among the political elite at local level.

The local government chairmen claim the food stuff have been sent to the poor masses but that is not the situation on ground. in most parts of Lagos it is APC party officials that are giving out the food to their party loyalists and the elite in their environment, from imams, to pastors and traditional heads including LCDA officials. most times the poor are left to fight and struggle over the crumbs left according to local reports.

The politicians have been on various TV and radio stations claiming the poor have received enough food to take care of them throughout the lock-down , giving unverifiable figures and claiming to have spent billions  to purchase food for the poor in the state. however, the situation on ground does not seem to present that scenario.

The state government should look for a better method of giving out the food through a special agency that would get the relief materials to the poor who might not be able to remain on lock-down for too long , as most of them are into jobs that pay them daily wages. The local politicians have failed the people. Action should be taken as soon as possible because it does not seem that the lock-down will not be extended due to drastic increase of local transmission of Covid-19.

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