The Black Wall Street

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On this day, 99 years ago, exactly 31st May, 1921, a small town called Greenwood in Oklahoma, U.S.A was burnt and destroyed by the white racist cult called the “Ku Klux Klan” (K.K.K).

Greenwood was founded by a wealthy African American man named O. W. Gurley who dubbed Greenwood a town “built by blacks, for blacks.”
Its inhabitants were wealthy and ran numerous enterprise, so much so that Greenwood was nicknamed “The Black Wall Street.” It was by far the most prosperous African American city.

As expected, most white people were not comfortable with the rise of the black man and began to fabricate baseless propaganda all in a bid to thwart the success of these blacks.
Unfortunately, one day, a young African American male was accused of attempting to rape a white girl which enraged a lot of whites who saw this as an opportunity to unleash their racism and wickedness on the blacks whom they derive joy in hating.

They stormed Greenwood in large numbers and for two days they destroyed its buildings and burnt that prosperous city to the ground, leaving its inhabitant impoverished forever.
It is worthy of mention that not one white person was charged or incarcerated for this crime, despite the promises made by the then government.

This is a sad history, a story of the white man’s senseless hate towards black people.
This is only a small piece of America’s dark racist history.
Today and forever, we remember Greenwood, the black Wall Street of America!.


Ita Effiom

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