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Uli Receives Stimulus Package from Anambra State Government

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The elderly and women of Uli Town today, 9th April, 2020 received 200 bags of rice and other food items as stimulus package from the Anambra State Government.

This was to cushion the adverse effects of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic.

The items were collected by Tobias Obiagazie, the PG of Uli community.

Responding to the gesture by the state government, the PG remarked, “On behalf of the good people of Uli Town, I say a big thank you to the Anambra State Government. Uli Town deeply appreciate this. Thank you, Ebekuodike. Thank you very much!”

Also, the secretary of Uli Progressive Union(UPU), Women Wing, Mrs Esther Okobodo, commended the state government for the stimulus package granted to elderly women in the town of Uli. She sang the praises of Chief Obiano to high heavens.

Another philanthropic gesture came from Uzordimma Enzo Nzeribe who distributed stipends to over forty women. One of the beneficiaries of Uzordimma Nzeribe’s stipend- Mrs Egodi Ikwuakam – was visibly excited and danced about the arena in utter jubilation. Obviously, her mother-inlaw also benefitted from the bags of rice and food items.

When asked by an observer the reason for empowering the women alone, Enzo smiled unapologetically and explained thus, “Women are the pillars of every society. A society can never get to the apogee of development without essentially empowering the women”.

In a special way, we say a big thank you to all who contributed in one way or another to put smiles on the faces of the good people of Uli Town.

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